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Create a QR Menu from Your Existing Menu

By using a QR code for your menu, your customers can easily access the menu at their convenience without any delay.

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Restaurant Menu Maker

Attract and build a loyal following with our all-in-one restaurant marketing platform. Tap into the world's largest restaurant menu template collection to create appealing food menus and exciting promotional design.

  • 1000+ creative Menu templates for every need.
  • Create a great Dine-In experience.
  • Marketing templates to attract and retain more restaurant customers.

  • Priority customer support.

Lisi is More Than a Menu Maker

Making a digital menu helps to grow your restaurant business across social media at a faster pace. You don't need a menu designer to create a professional menu card.


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Creative Menu Templates

Create amazing menu designs without design skills. With this menu maker app, you can create a food menu, Christmas menu, Thanksgiving menu, cocktail menu, coffee menu, cafe menu, fast food menu, bakery menu, pizza menu, burger menu, dinner menu, lunch menu, QR menu, birthday menu, party menu, festival menu, grocery menu, hotel menu, drink menu, blank menu, catering menu, spa menu, dessert menu, Italian menu, brunch menu, BBQ menu and more.

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Lisi Makes Restaurant Marketing Easy

Use our food marketing templates to attract and retain more customers. Our exclusive menu designs are made to match the needs of the restaurant industry. Easily customize food flyers, food posters, food brochures, food infographics, and the dozens of other products you'll find here.

How to Make a Menu in 5 Steps

Lisi is the easiest menu creator you’ll ever use. With thousands of menu templates to choose from.


Choose a Menu Template

1000+ creative menu templates for every need.


Customize Menu Design

Add/Update menu items, set font style, colors, menu layout, and many more.


Set Brand Details

Add your brand details like business logo, brand name, etc.


Create QR Code

To take advantage of the digital dining experience.


Create QR Poster

So your customers can scan QR Code from it to see the menu.

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Learning from can potentially help restaurants to improve their operations, increase customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing market.

FAQs: Menu Maker

The digital menu is the first step you can take to fight Covid-19 and ensure maximum safety to your customers. LiSi provides a platform to manage and share your menu with your customers.
Creation of Menu from free menu templates is completely FREE to use. However, if you choose to use the PRO template to create a menu, then you have to choose any of these plans,
  • 1. Monthly Subscription for $5.99
  • 2. Yearly Subscription for $29.99
  • 3. One-Time Purchase for $39.99
Your customer can scan the QR Code unlimited number of times.
No, your customers do not need any app to view your digital menu. All they have to do is scan the QR Code using their mobile camera. Your digital menu can be viewed on any device be it, Android, IOS, Windows, Symbian and so on.

Best Menu Creator App

Lisi is the easiest menu creator you’ll ever use. With thousands of menu templates to choose from.

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Soup Menu Template
Tattoo Menu Template
Food Truck Menu Template
Snacks Menu Template
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Juice Menu Template
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